About us

We are a vibrant marketing and event consultancy business based in Bathurst NSW. We started out in 2005 and we've been flat out ever since - and loving it.

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Karyn Taylor


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We offer an agency service drawing on the expertise of the following talented professionals: Kylie Ledger, Marg Hogan, Victoria Erskine, Annabelle Hillsdon, Simon Rollin, Jane Dempster & Kathy Sloan to name a few.

Call us

If you're looking for comprehensive marketing & communication strategy, project & event coordination, or proactive and effective marketing solutions for your business - call us on 0427887149. We're good at what we do!


Industry experience:

Our clients range across industries including: medical & dental, beauty, training & education, hospitality, tourism, Local & State Government, disability services and trade services.


Scope of work

Our work experience includes strategy development, marketing, business development, media management, customer service management, digital marketing, tourism marketing, and hospitality & event management.

Professional relationships

With close to ten years offering consultancy services in the Central West we have developed relationships with some exceptional people: graphic design - Kylie Ledger and Marg Hogan; PR & communication, change management and Local Government - Annabelle Hillsdon and Victoria Erskine; event logistics - Simon Rollin; photography - Jane Dempster; market research - Kathy Sloan; social media strategy - Peter Sutton.  Along the way we have put into practice our own beliefs on planned business growth, working to make the most of new opportunities.


Business focus

We get a kick out of helping small and medium businesses to communicate more effectively with their audiences and to demonstrate their passion, commitment and competitive edge to their customers and clients.